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Group classes are held at a facility of a fellow trainer (Do Over Dog Training in the Eastern Hills Mall) and locations around the north towns.

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Basic Classes

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Family Dog (aka Basic Manners/Basic Obedience) (6 weeks, $150)
A class for family dogs of all ages! Learn basic skills and manners such as polite greetings, leash skills, impulse control, recall, and more. Next session starts in April! Click here to register.

Nose Work & Other Classes

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Intro to Nose Work / Intro to Odor / Continuing Nose Work (at Do Over Dog Training in Williamsville)
Nose work is a sport based on the work of professional scent detection dogs. In class, dogs first search for a primary reinforcer (food). In Intro to Odor 1 & 2, dogs learn to search for an odor (birch) and then later on, additional scents are added along with puzzles and complexity in the searches. In continuing odor classes, all three target odors are used and searches expand to include vehicles and exterior spaces. Register HERE at DODT’s website (Dogology classes are Thursday evenings)!

Enrichment Seminars - Drop in classes to learn the basics of using enrichment. TBD

Behavior Classes

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Resolving Reactivity - Next session will be in June. Click here to get on the waiting list! - 8 weeks, $250

Resolving Reactivity 2 - For dogs that have already taken Resolving Reactivity. Brush up on skills and learn a few new ones! Next session is in April - click here to register. - 4 weeks, $120

Dog training and behavior
Kristen Hanley

Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed
Accredited Dog Trainer
Certified Family Dog Mediator

Buffalo - Tonawanda - Kenmore - Amherst - Williamsville - Cheektowaga- North Tonawanda - Lewiston - Wheatfield - Lockport- Niagara Falls

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