Behavior Modification

Using positive reinforcement, I can help you and your dog address troublesome behavior like separation anxiety, reactivity, aggression towards people
or other dogs, or resource guarding
through the use of behavior modification.

Behavior modification is a training approach to change the undesirable behavior your dog displays by using management to prevent the rehearsal of the behavior; training to teach a new/alternative behavior; and counter conditioning to change your dog’s underlying emotions and reason they are displaying the behavior. Behavior modification plans are specific to each dog.

Training is usually in your home or virtually;
but can take place in other locations, depending on the behavior concern.

A note about virtual training: Using Zoom (and the assistance of my own dogs for demos, or video examples when needed!), we can accomplish just as much as we can in person. For some dogs (and people),  having a stranger in their home is very stressful; and meeting virtually is much better for their mental health. For dogs that have a significant history of aggression towards strangers, a virtual initial session may be required.

What to Expect

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Once an initial session is scheduled, I will send you a link to confirm your appointment and complete some intake forms. During the first appointment we will go over a thorough history; talk about all of your concerns and goals; then establish a training plan. You will receive a training plan, notes, relevant hand-outs via email after that initial session. You’ll be given some homework - training as well as other supplementary activities to help your dog’s behavior. Expect your initial session to be about an hour and a half. You can ask questions and reach out with follow up concerns for two weeks after your lesson (or until your next appointment, if you schedule further appointments). During follow up sessions, we will review what you’ve been working on and any progress made, address any new questions or issues, add a new skill or skills to practice, and go forward from there.

Behavior Modification Pricing and Options

All Behavior Modification training starts with an Initial Consultation, in person or virtual; that includes a written training plan, relevant handouts, and notes from the session, sent to you by email; and two weeks or until your next appointment to ask follow up questions (via text or email) about your plan. $160 in person, $125 virtual. A deposit is required to schedule.

Follow Up

Training takes time, effort, and commitment. Follow up lessons are intended to provide you and your dog with consistency, and to encourage commitment.

Follow up sessions help you and your dog stay on track and advance your training goals. I also am available in between sessions for questions and feedback.

In-person Follow Up Lesson:
$95, $90 per lesson when 2 or more are scheduled in advance

Virtual Follow Up Lesson: $75


Single follow up lesson (no package) $95 in person, $75 virtual

Additional one month of phone / email follow up & support (add to any package or after an initial session) $100

Urgent Appointments

If you need help and an initial consultation appointment urgently, I will schedule you within 48-72 business hours (Monday through Friday - as available) for a fee of $75 (in addition to the lesson rate, so a total of $250).

Contact Us

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