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Group classes are held in the north towns.

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Basic Obedience Type Classes & Puppy Classes

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Modern Family Dog (aka Basic Manners/Basic Obedience)  
A class for modern family dogs of all ages! Learn how to communicate with your dog, learn about body language, enrichment, teach helpful manners such as polite greetings, leash skills, basic manners cues, and impulse control; and learn skills important for safety, like recall, stay, handling, and more. Next session will begin June 9th (registration will be available around May 13th)! To get on the list for this or a future session, click here.

Drink With Your Dog®

This fun class is held at local, dog friendly breweries, patios, and bars. Learn the advanced manners needed to have a great brewery dog - or a dog you can take in any public place! The best way to keep patios and other public places dog-friendly is by bringing your well mannered dog there! When you visit with your well trained dog, you are a wonderful example to both other dog owners, who will want to also have a great brewery dog. And to brewery staff, who will see that there are fun, well-behaved dogs out there who are appropriate to visit their business. It is also a really fun way to spend time with your dog!

The ideal dog for this class is either social or neutral with other dogs and with people; and has had some basic manners experience. The class requires either a previous class with Dogology or completion of a pre-screen; click here to get on the list. Next session starts June 5th at Fattey Beer in North Tonawanda and has a few spots left.

K9 Nose Work®

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Intro to Nose Work / Intro to Odor / Continuing Nose Work Skills (at Do Over Dog Training)  
Nose work is a sport based on the work of professional scent detection dogs. In Intro to K9 Nose Work, dogs first search for a primary reinforcer (food or toys). In Intro to Odor 1 & 2, dogs learn to search for an odor (birch, anise, clove) and solve puzzles plus build problem solving skills with added complexity in searches. In continuing odor classes, all three target odors are used, new skills are learned, and searches expand to include vehicles and exterior spaces.


Intro to K9 Nose Work:
Starting June 9th. Register here

K9 Nose Work Continuing Skills:
(Drop in classes to practice advanced skills)
Weekly on Thursdays at 5:00pm or 7:30pm: Register here

Behavior Classes for Reactive & Fearful Dogs

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Resolving Reactivity - For dogs who bark, lunge, and generally overreact on leash. Learn behavior modification skills, management techniques, and other helpful handling skills. This class requires a prescreen to make sure it is appropriate for you. Click here to get on the prescreen list.  Next session in June.

Fear Fighters - A class for shy, timid, fearful dogs. In this class you will help your dog build confidence through problem solving, learning new skills, and playing fun games / activities that provide mental stimulation and enrichment. This class will also touch on some basic behavior modification techniques to help your dog create more positive associations with things they find scary; as well as teach management strategies and things you can do to support your dog and help them feel safe. Next session TBD- click here to get on the list for a future class.

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