Group Classes

Group classes are held in the north towns. Classes for Modern Family Dog basic training, Fear Fighters for scared dogs to build confidence, Drink With Your Dog® for advanced manners training in public places, K9 Nose Work®, and Resolving Reactivity - a class exclusive to Dogology WNY for leash reactive dogs. Click below for details.

Private Lessons for Behavior Modification

Using humane methods based in science to address troubling behaviors such as intra-household aggression, separation anxiety, fear, resource guarding, or reactivity.

Private Lessons for Training or Basic Manners at Any Age (Puppy or adult)

If you prefer one on one training or a group class doesn’t fit your schedule, address basic manners and cues like door manners, loose leash walking, leave it, wait, sit, down, recall, polite greetings, impulse control, settling on cue, or whatever else you want to work on! In private lessons tailored to your dog’s needs and your goals.

Virtual Lessons

Virtual lessons are held via Google Meet or Zoom.  They are a good option for difficult or busy schedules, very nervous dogs (or humans) who will be uncomfortable with a stranger in their home, or for clients on a budget. I don’t necessarily need to SEE the behavior… and we can accomplish just as much virtually as in person through obtaining a thorough history, using video examples, or using my own dogs as demos for specific skills.

Dog Sports For Competition and Enrichment

At Dogology WNY we teach K9 Nose Work® for both fun/enrichment and for students interested in trialing; and also periodically have classes about using sniffy and other types of enrichment to improve your dog’s behavior.

Pet adoption counseling / breed matching

If you need help choosing a breed, finding a breeder, or working with a rescue - reach out! I spent many years volunteering with rescues and helping families find the right dog. As a Certified Family Dog Mediator, I have a solid education on breed traits and can help you find the right match for your home, whether you are looking for a hiking buddy, a patio companion, or a future sports dog.


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