Addressing Leash Reactivity and working with Reactive dogs
are kind of my thing.

I got started in dog behavior because of a reactive little guy named Gideon.

Adopting a leash reactive dog over 10 years ago is what lead to my eventual second career in dog training and behavior. Reactivity is what most people call it - and what I will call it here - but, the issue is not so much reactivity as it is an over-reaction to stimuli or struggle with emotions in the face of something exciting or scary - because emotions drive behavior, they impact the behavior that is displayed.

Dogs display “reactive” behavior for various reasons (fear, frustration, excitement, and in rare cases, aggression). Many reactive dogs truly don’t mind other dogs but struggle with the barrier of a leash and become frustrated or nervous, or are SO EXCITED they lose control of themselves. Some are fearful, and react because the best defense is a good offense! And a small percentage truly dislike other dogs (these dogs require private lessons and are not appropriate for a group class).

Regardless of what drives your dog’s reactivity, we can address it through behavior modification which in turn helps change your dog’s emotions.

Find more info here or reach out today to get started in either private lessons or a Resolving Reactivity group class!

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