Private & Virtual Dog Training Lessons

Private lessons

Private lessons (whether in person or virtual) are appropriate for any age dog, from puppy to senior. You may choose a private lesson over a group class based on scheduling; if your dog is nervous in a group setting; if you are nervous in a group setting; or if you have specific concerns that aren’t addressed in a group setting, like leash reactivity or manners with visitors.

Common issues addressed in a private lesson are leash issues (such as leash walking or reactivity); door manners; reactions to visitors; fearfulness of new people; resource guarding; territorial issues; and intra-household issues, to name a few. Check the behavior modification page for information on how I work with dogs that have those more significant behavior concerns.  

Virtual Lessons

Virtual lessons are a good option for dogs that aren’t comfortable with strangers coming to their home, clients with tricky schedules, or for those on a budget. I use my own dogs to demo specific skills, go over video examples, and accomplish just as much as in person.

I don’t necessarily need to “see” your dog’s behavior - or even meet your dog. (In addition, the presence of a new person can be inhibiting to some dogs - similar to how children behave differently when around strangers!). By obtaining a detailed history from you and using my experience with other dogs or similar cases, we can work without ever meeting in person. Or, some people choose to start virtually and then meet in person later on.

Virtual lessons are held via Zoom or Google Meet.

What to Expect

Click below to schedule an initial appointment (the initial session is required for every new client) or ask questions!

Once an initial session is scheduled with me, I will send you a link to confirm your appointment as well as complete some intake forms and pay a deposit. Please read the polices included in the registration.

During the first appointment we will go over all of your goals, I will obtain a detailed history, and establish a training plan. You will receive notes from the session and any relevant handouts via email within 3-4 days after the first session.
Expect your initial session to be about an hour and a half, and follow up sessions to be 45 to 50 minutes.

Basics & Manners Lesson Pricing

Initial Session
$160 In-person / $125 Virtual

In-person Follow Up Lesson $95 single / $90 per lesson when 2 or more are scheduled
Virtual Follow Up Lesson $75

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